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Reads from LTC24XX ADC that has no configuration word and returns a 32 bit result. 5Hz Output) No Latency: Digital Filter Settles in a Single Cycle, Even After a New Channel Is Selected Single Supply 2. print(F( 11P-10N )); break; case 14: Serial. < I2C address (7-bit format) for part uint8_t adc_command_high, //. print(F( 2-Read Differential\n )); Serial. println(F( ***** I2C ERROR ***** )); Serial. The integrated temperature sensor offers 1/30th°C resolution and 2°C absolute accuracy. 6) Cast as int32_t } Technical Support One More Step © Poloniex, Inc. int8_t LTC24XX_I2C_32bit_data(uint8_t i2c_address, //. The patented sampling scheme eliminates dynamic input current errors and the shortcomings of on-chip buffering through automatic cancellation of differential input current. @return void void LTC24XX_SPI_24bit_data(uint8_t cs, //. The LTC2499 includes a high accuracy, temperature sensor and an integrated oscillator.

print(F( 12P-13N )); break; case 7: Serial. print(F( \n*****************************************************************\n )); Serial. < 4 byte conversion code read from LTC24XX ); //. adc_command = (LTC2449_CH3 | LTC2449_OSR_2048) | LTC2449_SPEED_2X; */ /*. @return void void LTC24XX_SPI_8bit_command_16bit_data(uint8_t cs, //. 2) Wait for SDO (MISO) to go low { if (input(MISO) == 0) break; //. < 4 byte conversion code read from LTC24XX uint16_t eoc_timeout //. This // is because a stop condition will trigger a new conversion. void LTC24XX_SPI_16bit_command_32bit_data(uint8_t cs, uint8_t adc_command_high, uint8_t adc_command_low, int32_t *adc_code) { LT_union_int32_4bytes data, command; // LTC24XX data and command command. @file @ingroup LTC2499 Library for LTC2499: 24-Bit, 16-Channel Delta Sigma ADCs with Easy Drive Input Current Cancellation */ #include

ADC offset code (zero code that is subtracted from adc_code). @return Returns 0=successful, 1=unsuccessful (exceeded timeout) int8_t LTC24XX_EOC_timeout(uint8_t cs, //. It does not cover the LTC2450 tiny, low cost delta sigma ADC famliy.OmiseGO.
. < The calibrated offset code (This is the ADC code zero code that will be subtracted from adc_code) ); //. print(F( 7P-6N )); break; case 12: Serial. @return void void LTC24XX_SPI_2ch_ping_pong_32bit_data(uint8_t cs, uint8_t *adc_channel, int32_t *code) { LT_union_int32_4bytes data, command; // ADC data command. print(F( \n1-Read Single-Ended\n )); Serial. < Voltage measured at input (with voltmeter) when fs_code was read from ADC float *LTC24XX_lsb, //. ack indicates success if (timer_count++>eoc_timeout) // If timeout, return 1 (failure) return(1); else delay(1); } data. SPI DATA FORMAT (MSB First): Byte #1 Byte #2 Data Out : ltc exchange rate history. .SALT.


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